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We Are

DM Analytics

Developing Malaysia (DM) Analytics is a boutique policy research and consulting firm based in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in 2017 by Muhammed Abdul Khalid and Endie Shazlie, DM Analytics was established to provide tactical and high-level advisory and consultancy on strategic matters. We have strong networks with key stakeholders in Malaysia, and robust analytical tools in providing high-quality outputs to our partners.

Our Expertise

Stakeholder Engagement

We specialise in government engagements, political communications, direct advocacy, political diplomacy and country-level risk analysis, in a strategic approach that identifies, maps and connects with key stakeholders including elected and appointed officials, policy opinion leaders, political elites, and domestic and international policy NGOs.

Media and Communications

We perform intelligence collection and partake in public opinion analysis, as well as ongoing monitoring and flash reporting of relevant developments to provide briefs and construct strategies that involve all media platforms to deliver the right messages to the right audience at the right time.

Policy and Economic Consulting

Our focus is providing independent consultancy services covering relevant views on policy and political economy through research and analysis based on concrete evidence and expert insights.

Who We Are


Muhammed Abdul Khalid

Managing Director

Endie Shazlie Akbar

Senior Vice President

Team Members

Zouhair Rosli

Senior Researcher

Ilya Amira

Senior PR Executive

Maryam Halim

Senior Researcher

Azrin Abrar

Public Relations Manager

Aqilah Azlan

Senior Analyst

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